• November 7, 2017
  • - By Sally Writes

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

We all know how it feels to walk into a room that is filled with a warm and cozy ambiance. When it’s cold or raining outside, there is nothing quite like retreating indoors to a crackling fireplace or a hot cup of tea. And even if you live in a place that has mild temperatures all year-round, you still know how comforting it is to create spaces in your home that inspires warmth and ease.
If you are looking for new interior design ideas to instill that coveted winter warmth all year, you may wish to consider these three trendy ideas.
Installing a Wall-Mounted Fireplace
By adding a ventless, wall-mounted fireplace to a spare room, basement, or virtually any room in the house, you can instill a charming feature that warrants admiration and enjoyment. Even if you do not utilize the fireplace for heating purposes, it can add decorative value to any space. Having a fireplace in a room will transform the space into one where the family goes to gather on holidays or to simply unwind. It is also a great complement to many design styles, like rustic or classic designs.
Choosing Proper Window Treatments
Another way to keep a room feeling warm and cozy is to retain heat indoors by eliminating heat loss from windows. Heat is quickly lost through unprotected glass, making it important to have window protections that will create an insulating layer, like a well-fitted curtain. Curtains, along with shutters and shades, are a great way to transform any window into one that is both stylish and functional.
Adding Décor with Texture
A final idea that can make a space more comfy when it’s cold is to incorporate home décor that has texture. Interior designers are well aware of the luxurious trend of faux fur décor, which is both a contemporary and cozy way to update your home. By adding faux fur pillows, rugs, or blankets to a space, you can achieve a comfortable opulence that is full of rich texture. This look will appeal to anyone who wants to make a room feel extra inviting, even in the months when it’s really warm outside.
If you are looking to warm up any space in your home with some on-trend design ideas, you may consider adding a toasty fireplace, beautiful window treatment, or textured décor to inspire a feeling of cozy comfort.

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