• March 19, 2019
  • - By Moodfit Team

Multifunctional Furniture: A Design Solution For Your Problems

Minimalism and tiny homes are currently in style and people are adapting to the “Less is More” concept. Which means designers are working harder to meet this need for smart, multipurpose furnishings that are flexible and petite in scale. And this is how multifunctional furniture became one of the key interior design trends in 2019.

Since we want our readers to stay in the know, we’re sharing a few ideas for multifunctional furniture that can save space and act as extra storage.


When looking to furnish your living room, go for pieces with extensions, such as chairs or couches with a side table attached, or a floor lamp linked to a side table.

Smart decor items

Accessories like ottomans can also be doubled as added storage.

Smart furniture is a great example for multifunctionality: A coffee table that can be used as a desk or a magazines holder is the ideal space optimisation tool.

Hidden storage

In the bedroom, you can use more space than you think. For example, adding a built-in shelf or hidden storage will make the room look more spacious and organised.

In the bathroom, pick a mirror with hidden back shelves; this way you’ll achieve a minimal look and have less clutter – if any – on the sink.

These tips were shared by our own Noor H. Do you want to work with Noor? Click here to check her profile and start your project.

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