• September 16, 2016
  • - By Moodfit Team

Modern Living Room Makeover for $6000 in Just 3 Weeks!

After one year of engagement, Rita and her husband were excited to finally tie the knot! But they had one concern: coming back to an empty space after the honeymoon.

“We were so busy with the wedding preparations and so excited about the honeymoon that we weren’t really thinking about where we will be hosting our friends and chilling at night when we will be back. “Thanks to Moodfit we were able to transform our empty living room to a welcoming space in just 3 weeks.” Rita explains.

Rita describes her style as being very modern. She loves neat lines, free spaces and neutral colors. She would always opt for simple geometric shapes, functional forms and materials like woods and metals. In order to find the best Moodfit designer for her space, Rita took a 1-min design quiz and matched with 3 designers.  She ended up choosing Interior Architect Stephanie Tadros. Stephanie Tadros is an experienced designer with more than 5 years of experience and is currently teaching interior design at renowned design schools.

Understanding the style of Rita while meeting her budget of $6,000 seemed to be an easy job for Stephanie. After just a few revisions and in less than 2 weeks of interaction with Stephanie, Rita was satisfied with the design. The final design board and the furniture shopping list allowed her to buy the furniture with a few clicks.

After 3 weeks from launching the design process with Moodfit,  Rita and her husband were able to transform their space into a modern and welcoming home, perfect to welcome their friends for a casual gathering!

“The design process was very easy. All recommended furniture was delivered to my place and the result was great. We were so satisfied with the result that we decided to have a bedroom makeover with Moodfit the following month.” Rita says.

Before the Makeover:


After the Makeover:


IMG_4466  IMG_4555

Interested in designing your room with Stephanie? Check out her portfolio and start your project.

Meet our Online Interior Designers: Fatima K.

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