Your walls don’t have to be boring – You can now get your customized art wall with this innovative art wall solution.

Add+ has recently introduced its new patented art wall concept and won the «Observeur du Design Award 2016» and the «Janus Award 2015» attributed by the French Institute of Design. ‘Add+ is a modular wall composition providing endless decorative options made of various colors, materials and functionalities. Add+ offers the opportunity to create your own environment with a high level of customization: it allows you to set-up and modify modules according to your taste and your needs.’ (source:

Moodfit has partnered with Add+ to introduce this solution to its customers offering an additional level of customization to their Living spaces designs. You can now have your customized add+ art selected by your Moodfit designer and added to your furniture shopping list. You can also create your own composition on their website The process of assembling your own add+ art wall goes in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Base Assembly

Base squares are attached one to the other in a very simple way.


Step 2: Wall Fixing

Once the base is assembled screws are anchored to the wall to attach it.


Step 3: Modular Arrangement

You can change functions, colors and even the material of the selected modules from Wood to Leather and ABS.


Finally, check out this beautiful add+ selection:






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