If you’ve ever been to a Parisian home you will know that the French have style, and it shows almost in every aspect of their life; from their fashion sense, their architecture, even their language is eloquently beautiful.

Check out these 5 design ideas that will give your home a Parisian Look.

1. Vintage Meets Modern

Going vintage is what’s happening right now and it is not only an excuse to shop cheap at the flea market. But too much of anything can get very boring very quickly. So, behold, the Parisian solution: mix it up! Don’t stick to one era; let every day be throwback Thursday! If your couches are modern, throw a Bohemian blanket and colorful cushions on it.


2. Stack up on Art

Paris is big on art. It seems like all the people there know everything about it; from caveman drawings to Picasso, from your cousin’s experimental band in college to Chopin and Mozart, they love human creations. You go there empty and come back filled with inspiration and a deep appreciation of all that is beautiful! So fill up the empty space in your house with old-looking lamps, a few pastel oil paintings on the wall, a library full of books, and a collection of your music, and soon enough, you will be surrounded with beauty.


3. Keep the Walls White

Parisian apartments are full of color and life, but the walls are left white. In Paris, that’s essential to keep the room bright since it’s almost always cloudy there. But even if you do get lots of sunlight, it’s best to keep the walls white. It gives you more freedom to play around with the rest of the elements of your space without having to worry about your furniture matching the wall color.


4. Invest in A Chandelier

Yes, we all hated the chandelier that was in our parents’ house and we loathed being the one to always have to change the light bulbs every month. But chandeliers look so classy, and they add glamour and sophistication to the living room or the dining room. And after looking at the Parisian style, can you really argue with them? And you don’t have to bend over backwards to get the most expensive, all crystal chandelier. With a bit of research, you can give your house an elegant Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi that suits your budget or you can simply leave this job to a Moodfit Online Interior designer.


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