It’s no secret that one of the biggest false hope that Hollywood gave us was the walk-in closet. The good news is you can have the next best thing: a super organized closet! Here are a few ideas to store your clothes in the most practical way possible.


1. De-clutter

The first step to successfully organize is to throw away the old. Sift through all your clothes, piece by piece, and donate the ones that you’ve outgrown or haven’t worn all season. We understand it’s difficult to let go of that worn-out Converse you’ve had for years, but this is no time to be sentimental – the garbage is its new home.


2. Categorize

Don’t just throw in your clothes in no particular order. Make your life easier by categorizing and sub-categorizing. Hang your short-sleeved tee-shirts together; followed by long-sleeved, blouses, pants, shorts, etc., you get the idea. It’ll make getting dressed a whole lot easier and will give your closet a nice, harmonious feel.


3. Use Dividers

Drawers and shelves are not exactly the best places to store clothing because things often get tangled up, especially underwear and socks. That’s where dividers come in handy. Not only do they help you find what you’re looking for faster, but they also maximize the space.


4. Transparency Is Key

You need to see everything in your closet, especially your shoes, otherwise you’ll be opening up each and every shoe box to get to the one you want. So get rid of shoe boxes, buy some transparent cases instead, and stack them at the bottom of your closet.


5. Double Your Space

There are many ways you can increase storage space in your closet if you think outside the box. One way to double your closet space is to hook two hangers together using a soda can tab. You can actually save a lot of space just by using hangers more efficiently. Instead of dedicating a shelf to your scarves and belts, tie them on a hanger or two.

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