• August 20, 2016
  • - By Moodfit Team

Decorating Your Daughter’s Bedroom

Decorating your daughter’s bedroom is a tricky task. You’re not just designing a place for her to sleep, you’re building her sanctuary.

A girl’s room needs to be the safe place she runs to so she can write in her diary, or dish about boys with her friends until late at night. So, yes, it needs to be a comfortable place. No pressure, though. Take a look at these 5 fun and cozy girl bedrooms and find your inspiration!

1. Tree house

It’s time to ditch the idea that all girls’ bedrooms need to be pink. Why can’t it be green? Nurture your daughter’s love of nature and adventure with the perfect idea: turn her bed into a tree house! You can even paint some trees and flowers on the walls, and stars on the ceiling for a starry night feel.

2. The Princess

She is your little princess, and a princess needs a proper castle. Climbing up to claim her throne every night and sliding down each morning is guaranteed to make every day better than the last. Pink is a pretty color to match this style, but you can also go for purple, the color of royalty, which is also a beautiful and versatile scheme.

3. Fairy Tale

Many people prefer a good old-fashioned fairy tale theme for their girls, which, aside from being pretty, can really help your young one’s imagination grow. Snow White’s birds on her wall will wake her up in the morning; Rapunzel’s tower will be her little home within home; and Little Red Riding Hood will remind her to be brave!

4. Colors and Shapes

A little freestyle never hurt anyone! You can mix geometry, motifs, shapes, in a variety of colors and come up with a unique space for you little girl. As simple as this theme may seem, it really isn’t. You want to be creative, but not chaotic. Choose the designs wisely, preferably with the help of a Moodfit Interior Designer, of course, and you could end up with a beautiful, soothing creation!

5. Old School

Vintage is an excellent theme for any bedroom. Pastel colors, gentle patterns, and decorative elements make for a comforting and practical environment. Whether you paint the walls with neutral colors or opt for patterned wallpaper, your little girl will be sound asleep as soon as you tuck her in. And, come homework time, she’ll have no trouble getting work done on a detailed wooden desk, softly lighted by an old school chandelier!

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