• December 10, 2017
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10 Decoration Ideas to Transform your Home this Christmas

Christmas Decoration tip: Using wallpaper as Christmas gift wrappers.

It’s the most magical time of the year! Christmas decorations never fail to fill your home with joy and cheer, but check out how to take Christmas decoration to a whole new level with these ideas.

1. Opt for modern ornaments

Forget about the round and star-shaped ornaments a bit, and go for geometric gold ornaments for a minimalist, yet fun twist.

Geometric Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas Decoration Geometric ornaments add some character to your Christmas Decoration

2. Use presents as a décor

Since you spent a lot of time wrapping the gifts, why not show them off? Line your corners, or stair cases, with presents in various fun patterns for a simple and chic décor idea.

Christmas presents as decorating tools

Use Christmas gifts as the perfect Christmas Decoration

3. Vintage decoration

Create your own vintage Christmas decorations with antique pieces. For example, the old sled adds a vintage feel while the burlap sack filled with Christmas trees clipping adds a rustic touch.

Go vintage with your Christmas Decoration

Vintage Christmas Decoration

4. Don’t forget the dinner table

Who said that Christmas dinner tables should always be decorated with reds and greens? Go against the grain and try other color pallets, such as aqua green and hot pink peonies as shown in the picture below.

Christmas Decoration tip: Add colors to your Christmas dinner table.

Spice up your Christmas dinner table with various colors instead of just red and green.

5. Wallpapers as fancy wrapping paper

Wrap important gifts with wallpaper instead of gift wrappers, since wallpaper come in larger variety of patterns, and they are more heavy-duty.

Christmas Decoration tip: Using wallpaper as Christmas gift wrappers.

Wallpaper makes great Christmas gift wrappers.

6. Go Green

Let nature be your inspiration and use fresh evergreens and garlands to decorate your home this Christmas. They not only look good, but smell heavenly too.

Adding greenery to Christmas Decoration

Add beautiful greenery to Christmas Decoration

7. Don’t fear artificial Christmas trees

Artificial trees don’t leave a mess in your rooms like actual trees, and their branches are easy to curve and bend to better hold ornament.

Artificial trees are cheaper, much easier to handle when it comes to Christmas Decoratoins

Artificial trees are cheaper, much easier to handle, but look as good as real ones.

8. Stage a holiday shelf

Organize your shelves with seasonal cheer and turn them into a holiday vignette! Mix in bowls of ornaments, tabletop trees, and other Christmas accents to create your ultimate holiday shelf.

Create a shelf with Christmas articles as a Christmas Decoration

A Christmas “Shelfie”

9. Add sparkle everywhere
Everywhere? EVERYWHERE! Don’t just add sparking lights inside your home, but drape it everywhere: on your balcony, on the greenery on the balcony, and even on the greenery outside your house.

Christmas Decoration tip: Add Christmas sparkly lights to outdoor areas.

Add sparkling lights to your outdoor space as well.

10. Give it a little quirk

Give your Christmas decoration some character by straying away from the traditional decoration. For example, adding Christmas ornaments to chandeliers is easy, cheap, and adds great color to the room.

Christmas Decoration tip: Hanging Christmas ornaments from chandeliers.

Hanging Christmas ornaments from a chandelier takes your Christmas decoration to a whole new level.

These tips and tricks are guaranteed to transform your home’s holiday aesthetic.

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